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the International Academy of Osteopathy

We are a leading educational institution offering high quality training in the field of osteopathy.

The academy has a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are committed to providing students with a comprehensive understanding of osteopathy, its principles and techniques.

What is the IAO’s main vision and mission?

We want to train our students to be safe, competent and independent osteopaths. That is why we offer modern courses that meet the highest possible academic standards. We attach great importance to good scientific evidence (Evidence Based Practice). Our students are expected to always act from a broad scientific knowledge.

Quality, Innovation, Appreciation and Respect are our values

That is what we at the IAO® stand for.

We are constantly looking for ways to make our training even better. Current students play an important role in this, including through their feedback we can improve the quality of our services.

The IAO® follows the most recent evolutions closely (Evidence Based Practice). We implemented “Blended Learning” in our curriculum years ago. This means that our teaching method consists of a combination of classroom teaching with e-learning. In addition, we continue to look for ways to make the Evidence Based Practice model even more visible in our training courses.

A lot of appreciation for osteopathy, but also for the efforts of our employees, teachers and students.

Not only respect for our students, our teachers, our assistants and staff, but also for patients. The relationship between the osteopath and his patient is based on mutual respect.

Osteopathic profession
The IAO® remains committed to the academization of the osteopathic profession and the recognition of osteopathy in all countries where we organize our training and education. Collaboration with the existing medical professions is of great importance.