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The Liver and the Gallbladder


In this essential work, Grégoire Lason, MSc.Ost., approaches the liver and the gallbladder from a unique osteopathic perspective, covering both profound theoretical insights and practical applications. By integrating advanced techniques and personal experiences, this book provides healthcare professionals and students alike with essential knowledge for the treatment and understanding of the liver and the gallbladder. With step-by-step guides, detailed case studies, and rich visual aids, this book is an unrivaled resource for anyone looking to improve patient health and well-being. Grégoire Lason, MSc.Ost., with more than 40 years of experience and recognized expertise in osteopathy, guides the reader through the complexities of the liver and the gallbladder with clarity and practical advice. Grégoire Lason is the co-founder of The International Academy of Osteopathy – IAO.

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