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Join Our Osteopathy Internship Network

In the updating of the internship curriculum within our Master of Science in Osteopathy program, our students have the choice to do an internship in an associated clinic starting from the 2nd year. This means they can observe or perform an active internship “ad modum IAO.” To implement this practically, we have a list of associated clinics from which students can choose. This makes it clear to the students where they can do their internship.

What are the requirements for an associated clinic?

  • Available for a minimum of 2 days per academic year (September to June) to guide students in your own clinic;
  • Graduated from the IAO, preferably with the title MSc.Ost.;
  • Working according to the osteopathic basic model taught within the IAO;
  • Willing to provide feedback to the students;
  • Participation in the annual meeting for associated clinics, where individual contributions are also possible.

What are the benefits?

  • Your practice will be included in the list of associated clinics from which students can choose;
  • You remain active in educating new future licenced osteopaths;
  • You stay up-to-date on changes/innovations within the field of osteopathy;
  • You get to know your future fellow osteopaths, which is beneficial for expanding your network.

Interested in becoming an IAO associated clinic?

Please fill out the registration form.