"One of the reasons we do what we do is satisfaction and appreciation." | The International Academy of Osteopathy IAO

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"One of the reasons we do what we do is satisfaction and appreciation."


Why did you choose to study osteopathy?

First of all, analyzing a patients' history and understanding the root cause of many functional conditions has always been one of my passions.

And as a physio and manual therapist, working both in private practice and in a University Physical Medicine department, I felt that I wasn't trained enough to look and treat behind the scenes of many of my patients' problems.

Therefore, osteopathy has offered me much better capacities to examine and treat my patients alongside with a deep understanding why body language never lies.

And last but not least, being a (former) sportsman myself, my osteopath that time was the only 'sideline doc' that was able to 'watch my back' and keep me longer on the pitch.

Why did you decide to start teaching at the IAO

The best way to learn, is to teach!

After all those extra years of DO study and obtaining the first 120 ECT Master of Science in Osteopathy, teaching at the IAO offers the ideal opportunity to maintain 'graduation level' and improve basic osteopathic practice, alongside with passing through knowledge and inspiring many ambitious young people.

Moreover, staying in touch with the Academy, with students, like-minded colleagues and innovative research setups helps promoting the widespread acceptance of our beautiful profession.

One of the postgraduate courses I am proud of of having participated, was the Postacademic modules 'osteopathy in sports'. In a newer and future format with Bucks, and with my background, I'm very enthousiastic for the idea of also teaching there.

How did osteopathy change your life?

In many ways, my quality of life changed. One of the reasons we do what we do is satisfaction and appreciation.

Principally, I can now dedicate more time to my patients and they have much less injury recurrences, which are reasons enough for me to know that practicing osteopathy was the right choice! Closing the doors behind you every evening and getting to hear that you've improved other people's lives, is the best change you can ever have in life.

On top of that, seeing students from Caïro to Copenhagen while lecturing at IAO and practising osteopathy on elite sports levels, like for example with the Belgian National football team for the Worldcup in Brazil, has definitely given me a more global perspective and more human insight.


Frédéric Van Burm (MSc.Ost.)
Osteopath & teacher at the IAO