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Modular (DO Diploma) + Master

For holders of a medical diploma who want to obtain a DO diploma in 5 years. From the 5th year you can also start the Master course.

Modular osteopathy course

People with a medical background (doctors & physiotherapists) can start the modular osteopathy course. This lasts 5 years, and can be followed in English in Copenhagen (DK) and Cairo (EG) and in Polish in Poland (PL). From the final year, the student can also start the Master Modules, with which he or she also obtains the Master of Science in Osteopathy. This academic degree is conferred by the University of Applied Sciences - Tyrol.

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For who is this training

Holders of a medical or paramedical diploma (medicine, physiotherapy, manual therapy).

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Curriculum training

The course lasts 5 years, and each year consists of 6 modules a year in Egypt and 9 modules a year in Copenhagen. In Poland, the course lasts 4 years and you will follow 7 modules during the first two years and 8 during the last two years.

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Locations for the training

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Through this course you can obtain the Diploma in Osteopathy (DO diploma) and a Master of Science in Osteopathy (MSc.Ost.).

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Rates & grants

Denmark: You pay 420 euros per course. These prices include syllabuses and lunches.

Poland: You pay 350 euros per course. These prices include syllabuses and lunches.

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