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PAM - Post Academic Modules

Courses for recognised osteopaths who want further training in various fields within osteopathy. We apply strict quality criteria to all our courses: Sufficient scientific underpinning, experienced teachers and the right academic qualifications. The taught content must also be immediately usable in your own practice.

In short, we promise you educational experiences that will benefit treatment results in your practice and your reputation.

SMT: An integrative comparison

In this PAM, Andrea Cecchi -  Doctor in Chiropractic - will demonstrate the differences between osteopathic and chiropractic manipulations. The training will be held in English, takes place in Ghent, Belgium, and consists of 2 modules of each 2 days.

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Integration 3 " Practical Physiology in the Osteopathic Practice”

Osteopaths should be aware that functional disturbances in the human physiological processes are often the cause of musculoskeletal and other complaints. The main theme of this PAM is how we, as osteopaths, can deal with this.

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Pediatric Osteopathy

As part of our post academic program, we've launched a comprehenise 8-module Pediatric Osteopathy program in Copenhagen. The first module starts in November 2017. You don't have to follow all 8 modules, if you wish to enroll for just one or several, that is also possible. 

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Our Acknowledgements

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