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We offer various training paths:

  Modular course Full-time study Continuing Osteopathic Education
Minimum diploma Medical or paramedical diploma Secondary school diploma DO diploma
Course language
English English Dependant on course
Length of course
4 years in Copenhagen / 5 years in Cairo 5 years Dependant on course
Locations Copenhagen (DK) or Cairo (EG) Ghent (Belgium) Dependant on course
Total course costs
Copenhagen: €449 / modul (first 2 years)

For the 3 first years:
€ 6950 each academic year

For the final 2 years:
€ 9950 each academic year

Prices vary depending on the course
Final diploma
Copenhagen: DO Diploma + Master of Science in Osteopathy
Cairo: DO Diploma
Diploma in Osteopathy (DO) + Bachelor of Science
with Honours in Osteopathy 
+ Master of Science in Osteopathy
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