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Even after our students are graduated, we just can’t seem to say goodbye to them. With our alumni association we want to offer our graduates a platform with which they can easily stay in contact with each other and with the IAO®. We hope to eventually create a solid network of passionate osteopaths who share their knowledge and experiences. With this association we aim to cross borders between all our students form different countries. Communication will be mainly in English, but member are free to use their mother-tongue.

As a member of the alumni association you enjoy the following benefits:

Digital library

You'll receive access to our digital library "The IAO Farasyn Library". There you can find, amongst others, all scientific articles that were provided digitally by the students, articles from scienitific magazines and international guidelines and standards. 

eCampus “Alumni”

You receive access to our online e-learning platform “Alumni” on the eCampus. You will be able to find and download, amongst others, all the e-books and flipbooks.


You will be allowed into our closed Facebook group “Alumni”, with which we can easily keep you up to date about news that could be interesting for you. This group also gives you the chance to make contact with other graduated colleagues.


You will receive our online OsteoNews magazine twice a month. This online newsletter is filled with interesting articles and the latest updates in the field of osteopathy.


  • On postgraduate courses – PAM’s
    Not only will you be the first one to receive all the information about new postgraduate courses, you also receive a 10% discount on the registration fees for these PAM’s. Attention! You can only participate on our PAM’s if you are a member of a recognised professional organization.
  • On course material
    As a member of our alumni association, you can buy all our course material, for example our books, with a discount of 10%.


Only graduated IAO® students can become a member. You can register easily by filling out the short form below. To become a member of our alumni association, we ask a fee of 75 euros per year ( a year is defined from 1/01 until 31/12). Graduates that become a member of the alumni association in the same year that they graduated, do not have to pay the member fee during that year of their membership. IAO® teachers and assistants have to pay only €35 per year to join our alumni association.

After completing this form, you’ll receive an e-mail within a couple of days with a password and login for our eCampus and information about the payment.

Our contact person within the IAO® for the alumni association is Irmgard Van De Putte. Do you want to became an active, contributing member or do you have ideas regarding activities, please feel free to contact her ( Thank you!

Please fill in the student number you had during your studies at the IAO. If you cannot find this number any more, then leave this blank.
Your data will be registered in our files with the sole purpose of facilitating our membership administration. This file will be also used to complete our alumni guide. This guide will only be used to simplify communication between our members and will not be passed on to third parties. If you want to change your data, then please contact our office (